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"First and foremost I’d like to thank you. Having been in the jewelry trade for close to six years now, professionally as a watch repair technician for three, I was quite disheartened to find so much jewelry repair training that neither fit my budget nor my busy schedule. So I just want to let you know how much you're appreciated. You're doing a good thing and I want to encourage you guys to keep it up.

"Second thing I want you to know is how happy I have been with what I learned in your courses. Before making that trip to Ohio, I wasn’t sure I’d make a good jeweler. I had pretty good skill and luck in watch repair, but jewelry repair kind of scared me. After taking program I, you gave me new confidence and practical skills to sit at the bench. Having survived the Christmas season with little frustration except in stone setting, I knew I’d found my niche. Now having just completed program II, your training has saved me so much heartache, thank you."


Jeweler for House of Diamonds Jewelers
Grand Junction, CO

"The Drouhard School provided me an attainable way to advance my career in the jewelry business. The wonderful hands on teaching method, and the practical skills taught have been incredibly helpful in my every day work. The Drouhards provided me not only the skills, but also the confidence to practice my craft. I am extremely grateful for the experience of attending The Drouhards Jewelers School. Anyone interested in jewelry repair should attend!"



"Great course! Best investment that an aspiring jeweler or goldsmith can make!! This course covers beginner level material and affords experienced jewelers a chance to refine skills and learn advanced techniques as well."



"I recently graduated from your Jewelry Repair and Diamond Setting class and I would like to inform the board of the great instructor Tim Drouhard is."

"He had a great deal of patience, made sure his explanations were understood and repeated anything that was needed. He especially took his time with me, since English is my second language, and went over any problems I had due to my handicap in the English language."

"Tim, I would like to thank you for the wonderful job you are doing. If I know anyone who wishes to go to Jewelry Repair School, I will highly recommend Drouhard."


"It was a pleasure taking your classes, Program I and  Program II in April. The courses were well presented and I learned a tremendous amount."

"The classes have proven to be profitable to me. By the end of the second class, I was able to completely pay for one of the classes through what I applied to my own business. The other class will be paid for many times over this year alone."

"Your help and support is greatly appreciated."


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