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Termination Policy

The school reserves the right to terminate a students training and/or deny the issuance of a certificate for any of the following reasons, but not limited to them: failure to complete the required hours, disrespectful or disruptive behavior, or the rare event a student is not able to learn the skills taught. If termination becomes necessary, the student would receive a refund in accordance with the State Board of Career Colleges & Schools.

Informal Grievance Policy

The school encourages the student to discuss with them any problems or complaints he/she may have in regards to the school and/or its programs. The school will handle all complaints in a fair and timely manner.

Formal Grievance Policy

If the student wishes to file a formal grievance with the school, simply write your complaint in a clear manner and submit it to the governing body of the school or mail it to the Drouhard National Jewelers' School, 2236 S. Main Street, Mansfield, Ohio 44907.  Be sure to include the details such as who was involved, when, where, how, etc., in your written statement. The student should include the course of action he/she believes the school should take to rectify the situation.

All problems or complaints a student has about the school may be directed to the State Board of Career Colleges & Schools whether or not the problem or complaint has been resolved to his/her satisfaction by the school. To contact the executive director of the State Board of Career Colleges & Schools call 614-466-2752, or write to: 30 East Broad Street, 24th Floor Suite 2481, Columbus, Ohio 43215.


The school does not offer placement services for graduates, although, current job openings are posted. Ways to go about obtaining employment will be discussed during the programs.

Lodging and Travel

The student is responsible for acquiring his/her own lodging and transportation while attending the school. Information is enclosed pertaining to nearby accommodations. Air travel can be arranged at reasonable rates since the school is located approximately an hour from the Cleveland or Columbus Airports.

Progress Report

A daily record will be kept of the students' progress. Projects are graded on a pass/fail basis. If the student seems unable to accomplish a project in the allotted time, an additional thirty minutes will be granted. The student is expected to complete eighty percent of the projects presented and pass the final examination to receive a certificate. The final examination covers basic topics discussed during the program.

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